How to sort of make your RMS

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How to sort of make your RMS

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I'll give a little guide on how to sort of make your RMS

First Copy an existing one, then to change name go into the .xml file and put

Displayname="YOUR TEXT HERE" rather than DiplaynameID=NUMBER

That changes the name to what you want.

When you copy you don't have to add a description because that is already taken care of.

The .xs is your map and .xml is your Title file

To add units to the map you can do four things.

Add Gaia units, such as sheep, soldiers, or deer

Add Ships by the Homecity Water Flag, such as a Frigate

Add Units by the town center or covered wagon

Add units by Startingunits2 and placing distance 12-25 distance, then adding starting units, starting units 2.

To add resources you need to copy from Ceylon.xs and paste the part of 275 XP to your file before RMS "0.99" or RMS "1.00".

Then you can copy the effect trigger and make it Food, Gold, Wood, Trade (that is Export), Ships (individual Shipments) or XP and put the total to 20000 of each, for instance.

That adds to your map resources and units.

Then if you want to add trading route posts you put socket, after Vector=Socket 0.10.

If you place it 0.50 it will go half way through the route, 0.40, four tenths way, and 0.65 six tenths and a half way.

Making your own map you have to add your own description with the = sign and id remove so that you can place your custom text in the .xml file.

Then your on your way to creating and copying a map.

Changing terrain is not hard but you have to be consistent with each terrain type and the time each one comes on the map, for instance <0.5 up to <0.8 makes it appear 79.9% of the time, rather than 49.9% of the time.

Making your own map you need to include RMS "0.01" and RMS "1.00" for the loading bar to move.

That's all for today. Good day folks!

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