How do we fix Brits, when they have a nerfed manor boom?

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How do we fix Brits, when they have a nerfed manor boom?

Post by murdilator » Thu Jul 03, 2014 5:09 pm

Question above.

Brits suffer partially in FP games now, because, other civs can boom.

Other civs now can turtle.

And other civs now can rush.

Their problem? Lack of early food.

We have cows, possibly crates, but having 5 less villagers from a Manor boom means a lot.

Early Furrier? Shipment of 10 Deer? Skirmishers? Less food-dependant military?

Any suggestions are welcome.

BTW: N3O plays very much like FP1.2, except that turtling is more encouraged as a style, and midgame booming (although tactics remain very much the same), is no longer simply determined by Dragoons or by Skirmishers or by massing one type of overpowering Fortress unit. Rather, mixing your units becomes more important with time. Lategame with the Observatory doesn't change the game, but rather allows Imperial-style engagements to occur in Industrial, and allow an Industrial player to fight an Imperial Player for a few minutes.


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