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Malay Strategy Discussion

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Like to own up to a new great civ, the Malaysians.

They don't seem so great so here are their ups.

- Bombard Towers
- Keeps
- Harbours shoot arrows
- Harbors cost only wood
- Karambit Warrior is a cheap Woad Raider
- Elite Battle Elephant compares to Cataphract, but 50 Gold per unit
- Arbalests and Scorpions
- Bombard Cannons and Trebuchets
- Fully fledged Navy, Cannon Galleons
- Barracks Infantry Cost no Gold
- Cavaliers among the best because their support units are so decent
- Castles Train Karambits every 6 to 4 Seconds
- Malay are great at Deathmatch because they can swarm
- Malay are great at custom maps, where you start with 100 villiagers and 100 military
- Malay can survive on fish alone

So that's my list. My belief is that they are one of the stronger civs, but aren't played for their elephant, at least usually.

Thing is with all these bonuses, they have Bracer, Blast Furnace, Cannons and Cheap Armies.

I wouldn't advice Malay on a Rush, because of two things: They lack Chain Barding Armor, and, their bonuses are strong only on water. But with that exception, Vikings are beaten out of 1st place because Malay can build the only non-stone base defense in the game, the harbour. These buildings work great at shallows-crossings on maps too. Karambit Warriors can be an effective counter to infantry, at least with initial punch, because in Castle they have speed, and in Imperial they have 40 HP and 1/1 armor.

With this said the Malay are highly food dependent and they are very much asking for a defended hometown. On land you should boom, and on water you should take the sea. On Deathmatch you should go for gold, and on custom maps you should corner your opponent into a defensive shootout, then build a wonder and castles/towers/harbours quickly to ensure victory.

I am 2000 Elo from custom maps and 1906 from Elo from custom DM maps.

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